Hello, Everyone!

We are back in mother RUSSIA! Last days in our North America Tour & trip to Paris were excellent! Soon there will be lot of different news that we will try to post in time. It was wonderful time spending in USA & Canada, especially shiny California. We are very happy & extremely glad about how many contracts were signed. That we met so many wonderful people & I wish we made right choices. We really enjoyed meeting old & new partners, negotiating with them new deals. We really enjoyed adventures that we had during this tour… Getting on the meetings using Helicopter, White Cadillac & Chevrolet Autobot from Transformers, Eating Pizza with Greg from Dillinger Escape Plan, Police stopping us on a highway & trying to make us listen, visiting so many beautiful offices, incredible gigs, awards, crazy events, nightclubs, backstage of venue one after another as VIP, studios while Tommy Lee, Hillary Duff, Lenny Kravitz creating their albums & just spend our time so fantastic… Sleeping in VIP LUXE hotel rooms & same time using cheap motel, same as in horror films, standing 2 hours on customs in Canada that was searching our laptops for children porno & have found nothing of course, Negotiating with AirFance that lost our lagages in Charles DeGaule. We discovered lot of places such as Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Santa Cruz, San Jose, San Francisco, Toronto, Buffalo, New York & many others… Just to be very brief, THANK YOU EVERYONE, WE REALLY ENJOYED CRAZYNESS OF NORTH AMERICA!

Marquize Diabol

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