WORLD IN VOLCANIC ASHES! Just read this tweets, it’s seems like music apocalypses have come! Iceland’s Volcanic Eruption has caused a lot chaos lately. Its volcanic ashes has been all over Europe causing disruptions & not just cancellation of 17000 flights already! I mean it cause cancellation of concerts & huge shows in general! EVERYWHERE in EUROPE!

Armin Van Burren: “Ashing Islands and crashing presidents. I just want to play!”

Various Artists:

“Volcanic ash, go away. We have a show to play on Sunday and I have a waiver to get signed.”

“Airports Close for Second Day as Volcanic Ash Spreads Across Europe – w/interactive tracking cancellations.”

“Unfortunately, due to the closed airports I can’t make my gig in Milan Italy tonight. We looked at all options but it’s not possible”

“Volcanic ash scuppers US festival shows”

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Roman Pitehov

  1. Lets hope a miracle happens. I feel for the people who have to get back home to their loved ones who are ill or in hospital and all those who are stranded with not money. Infact, I feel for all….

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