I see four smiling members of young, but much-talked-of musical group NOT FOR JOE. Two young boys, two girls – so energetic and lively, without any fillip of conceit. But actually they’ve got something to be proud of: they are well-known in many pop-charts with their single “Sunday 11 a.m.”, they are invited to perform in Canada and Poland, they already had performed with many famous Russian groups, as B-2, TESLA BOY, TOKIO etc. Moreover, NOT FOR JOE were chosen by American famous rock group 30 SECONDS TO MARS to perform at their sole show in Russia, in SKK, St. Petersburg. I met NOT FOR JOE to talk to them about their past, present and future.

Recently you had a show with 30 seconds to mars. So how is it – to play for 10 000 people?

Polina (vocal, keys): Actually, I didn’t see this 10 000 during the show because of the dark, only after our performance, when the lights were turned on – then I’ve became startled.
Sergey (bass): Absolutely no scare, it was really awesome, so I was just happy!

Did you talked to guys from 30 seconds to mars?
Jane (guitar): Yes, they are very easy-going and cheerful people with a good sense of humor! To be honest, I still can’t believe, that we talked to exactly this persons, who we can watch on a TV and listen on a radio every day.
Sergey: They are absolutely earthly. And smiling.

It is a very big step for such a young group. Do you feel any changes after this performance?
Polina: Of course! Right after this concert we’ve begun to receive many interesting offers and still we have a broad response among people, who were on this performance.
Jane: I think, one of the most important things for us is that 30 STM chose us by themselves. We talked about it with them and we were really surprised with their attention and interest to our music. So, for me, this show added more self-confidence for us.

So have you got a wish to play with some another foreign musicians?
Sid (drums): There is so many interesting bands now, that I can’t ever count. I guess, The Big Pink is one of them.
Sergey: Jamiroquai, I think, they are stylish.  Also Bee Gees, Klaxons, White Stripes, Arctic Monkeys, Metric, No Doubt, Garbage, the Raconteurs,  Shiny Toy Guns, Fall Out Boy, the Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Boney M.,  Modjo
Polina: MUSE!

Ok, let’s go back to the near future. I heard that you’re going to have a release soon?
Jane: We are preparing to release our new single, named “Wow”. It will happen very soon. I’d describe it as something very bright and positive.
Sergey: It’s a mix of 1960-s and 2010-s, that won’t let you stay bored. And it’s completely different from our last single “Sunday 11 a.m.”. I think, it’s great, this is a new side of our music. I bet you will be amazed.
Sounds intriguing.. So when are you planning to do a presentation?
Sid: It’s going to be at the beginning of June.

Have you got other plans for this summer?

Sid: This summer will be hot for us! At First, we will shoot a music video.
Polina: Yes, but we won’t tell anything right now about song or subject of this video. You’ll watch it very soon. Also this summer we’ll perform at some festivals.
Jane: Also we have an offer of recording a song with Symphonic Orchestra. It was absolutely unexpected offer, but it’s very good, that we can try different styles, add another ingredients to our music.

Talking about your music: Can you describe your style?

Sergey: I don’t want to draw any edges. I want listeners to describe our music.
Polina: No, I can’t say, what style of music do we play. I don’t know. It’s our music – that just means it’s something different from another music.  I agree with Sergey.
Jane: We like changes. Today we are rockapops-band, tomorrow – recording with Orchestra, for example.  We like people dancing at our shows, when our music makes an air for everyone. And so I agree too – audience will describe our style, it’s not our business.

By Yakupova Karina

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