Tribute to PAUL GRAY, died on May, 24th 2010 due to overdose of morphine and fentanyl, has given by Ilja, the drummer of band Hard Candy.

Despite his big love to hip-hop music, Ilja was always a great fan of Slipknot, and he was deeply shocked by death of the bass player. Therefore his foot was topped with a tattoo in the form of a logo of a band – capital letter «S».

Besides we represent to your attention interview from 6th release of magazine DFMO.NET.

Before a concert we managed to chat with Paul – the band’s bassist. He has appeared very friendly and friendly guy. Constantly laughed and smiled. One of rare musicians with whom it is pleasant just to talk

– Greetings! Here at last we have been waited for you. As far as I know the concert in Israel has been excellent, and you have arrived to Russia 4 days ago, what impression about Russia for this time had emerged?
– Yes, we here for 4 days. Had time to look Moscow, Red Square. Rather unusual city. I expected that I will be surprised, but did not think that I will see something similar.

– Have passed. Let’s talk on the merits. Many have noticed that on the album was raised many political problems. Do you wish to affect a course of world political history thereby?
– Oh, no! Are we really political band? Corey writes all texts, and he simply states his views and sensations at any things – whether it be a policy or relations of people.

– Now in rotation of channels there are your two new videos. When can we wait the next one?
– But wait, these two only have got on screens. We still don’t know on what song to make a video. (Laughs)

– For certain there are songs that were not included in the album. What is their destiny? Whether you will perform them at concerts or they will be released on other albums?
– Of course, we have lots of such material. Maybe we will release some B-side. Regarding playing them live – I don’t think so. Now we already have a dense playlist. Maybe in future… (Laughs) You ask such questions, which we did not think by ourselves.

– Very exciting question about fights at your concerts between members of the band. Is it a performance? Is it conceived in advance?
– No-no! Nothing like this. All is spontaneous, all is on a course of action. But only do not take it seriously!

– Across Russia there are rumors that Joey Jordisson once lived in Moscow. Is it really so or just rumors?
– Lived in Moscow??? Does he know about it???? (Laughs) No. Certainly this are rumors!

– By the way concerning the drummer. How is his anklebone? Russian audience are worry!
– Ah! Everything’s good! He is recovering! He still carries some pieces on his foot, but there’s nothing terrible. The danger has passed. At first we had to cancel couple of concerts, but it’s okay, he is in order.

– Yes, it’s only pleases! Tell Joey best regards from all Russian fandom and all our edition! And whether you going to release special DVD about the European tour?
– I think, yes! Now we record each our concert! But probably we will devote DVD to all tour in support of an album and our life during this period. Most likely it will be released only in 2009.

– See to it that do not offend Russia, because we will not forgive that. Now a question personally for you. With what bands did you began? Who influenced you?
– Black Sabbath, Metallica, Testament, Slayer and a heap of heavy metal. My big brother brought home different records all time. I could not tear myself away from them! My musical influence also has ended on my brother’s records. Now simply there is no time to go into somebody other’s music. For me an inspiration source – is exceptionally my personal experience.

– And our correspondents quite often communicate with well-known musicians from an electronic and dancing stage. Many of them grew on a rock music. Someone even names you! How do you feel about that?
– Yes it is excellent! This is music and, certainly, it influences minds. And it is good, if someone is influenced by rock and, especially, Slipknot. It’s a pity that I can’t brag of the same.

– How things are doing with your side-projects? Will we hear anything from them?
– No. So far no. The next year – only Slipknot. We only have released a CD.

– Well and at last.. What is your wish to beginning musicians in Russia?
– Be stubborn! Continue to work! Try to be pleasant to as many people as possible! You live in a century of IT. You have Internet, MySpace, FaceBook and a bunch of all that! Register, perform. Not fix on something one. Well, in extreme cases, send an album to me (Laughs).

Text: Spady

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