Our Audio Development Department release new flyers. Now our library is more than 5 000 tracks. We have special proposals to GDC and Gamescom attendde. Special discounts for small developers. While our office in Cologne we are ready to meet. Drop us your request here:

Today, DF Music Organization focuses on different aspects in the field of music and entertainment business. Our selection of music for licensing ranges from Ambient & Ethnic, Electronica & 8bit’s, Dance & Club music, Lounge and Chillout, Indie & Punk, Metal & Rock, R’n’B, Jazz and more. We currently have 5 record labels, over 5 000 titles from more than 200 artists and our own composers. At the DF Music Organization we can also produce music on a spec basis so if you have any briefs (video samples, screenshots, plot or other description / examples), please do let us know as we can not only scan our library for suitable material but also produce bespoke music compositions to your specifications.

The most important thing that DF Music Organization hold PUBLISHING and MECHANICAL rights for all of the songs for territory of the world, so no music publishers will bother you, no royalties, no loosing money on royalties. Only fixed prices and total cut of expenses.

Some samples from our ROCK catalogue are available here:

Some other genre samples are here:

Our policy is to be on the radar within this industry and to build a strong and solid working relationship with our clients.

For more info, drop us an E-Mail.

By the way, our artists are available for gigs, festivals, booking, compilations, advertisement & other.

Russia / Ukraine / Bulgaria

Alexey Vlasov

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