The match Russia- Bulgaria has just finished. Bulgarians who are having a vacation in Saint-Petersburg- it’s very hard to imagine when you are in Bulgaria. I’m writing for the first time, there are still no articles and no essays here, no press-release that I’ve written and checked.

At the moment there is a storm in Bulgaria and to be honest, it scares us. The storm is a heavy gale, the score is smashing in slivers. A pelmet and an umbrella have just flown next to me. Gyes and I are having lunch in the local restaurant in the town Obzor which is located at the seaside of Black sea.

Palms, ficuses and other plants are bending. Water from mountains is shedding floods. Let’s look at the picture to understand properly what I mean.

Electricity keeps on working and turning off. They said that there was no electricity in the cities such as Sveti Vlas, Sunny Beach and Nesebar and it happened on the score of government’s nonpayment to one electric company. They also said that it was going to last nearly 10 days.

Lightening, thunder.. Unusual weather for this country. Some people from my crew fell ill but I was healthy. Cold was treated by swimming in the sea, drinking aftershock, sambuca and absent.. It worked!

But if we look from the other side- everything is not so bad. Finally, we had a great rest here: 40days of good weather in the whole, endless parties and adventures. Almost every evening was extravaganza. We had been to SOLAR FESTIVAL, namely to FatBoySlim. On 13 August Armin Van Burren will be there, some of us will come back to Russia.

Lately we yachted, ate soup from pigeons- from true pigeons. I was shoked when they told me that, we ate our soup and I asked again what was the content of that one. And one Bulgarian old woman also said that such soup was really very tasty! Even those doves were not from Russia, we would never go and eat such soup again.

One night a stranger surprised me very much when he was coming out of bushes while I was weeing, sorry for my frankness. Thank’s God, he moved in “Slow Motion” and I ran away from him barefoot cause he didn’t let me finish my deal.

Girls from Ukraine, Poland, Russia and Slovakia were merited special medals cause they always gladdened our boys, and this time girls from Slovakia were the best ones!

Once I was really shocked. I woke up because of one woman who came to my bed at night “WTF!” , it was very terrible since it was unexpectedly and I didn’t know who it was. It happened that I didn’t lock the door and that drunk woman who was from Poland and whose age was 28, probably thought that my flat was hers. All flats are similar to each other and nowadays
I’m not surprised at all. I turned her out of my flat with the help of a slipper.

What is more, some days ago I went to Varna and I did over my signet, to be more exact I did over my stone from Onyx to Ruby. There will be a post concerning this topic but a little later. On my way home, I found one Bulgarian Metal Shop «Rockland»… If you are interested, follow this reference: http://www.rocklandbg.com

Music is not at high level there, all that is similar to Apraksin Dvor and Gorbushka. There are some interesting shops but only a few. One shop is in Nesebur :

Also, for the first time I knew what Bulgarian outrageous breach of all limits was. Some days ago I’d been drinking at the bar July Morning with girls. And suddenly one Bulgarian stranger wanted to pay girl’s attention to him. Simple hooks didn’t work for him, of course. So, he decided to devise another thing- he pushed me off the chair and as a result, I’d flown 5 metres in the air and having time to tuck, I landed on coccyx and elbows and thank’s God, I didn’t become a disabled person cause I could didn’t have time to tuck and as a result, I would strike my head or neck.. All in all, I ad locum jumped up and came to that gye, and at the same time another 2 Bulgarians ran to us, probably to separate us. That gye was smiling and I turned and went away. Unexpectedly, yes? But I went away not for a long time, I came back with a great stone which weight was nearly 40kg and attacked him with the stone. Of course, I did that from the close distance not to make him completely terrible. That gye rebounded to the dancing place immediately and 2 Bulgarians ran to me and there was a fight. Another Bulgarians also came. Again I should to digress from them. By the way, they didn’t touch me, I was on the alert. In the whole, I ran away and there was a whole group of locals who followed me. That was great that in my childhood I played football and could run away. I put my clothes off and went to the sea, touched the bottom and at that time they ran pass. As the water was salt, it was very difficult to stay in the water.

The next day we came with our local friends- barmans, gyes who came to us from Saint- Petersburg, Minsk, Moscow and etc. As a result, those Bulgarian strangers came to ask our pardons and the main instigator ran away fro the town. Such a funny story!

By the way, the restaurant in which we are now is called HANOVE and it seems to be the best one all over the neighbourhood. The food is very delicious here, especially Mezeto on Asparuh and Potatnik- these meals are my favourite. Unfortunately, you can’t find it at the picture.

In addition, there are some meals from the best European kitchen such as fantastic ice-cream, tasty beer.. You’ve better look at the pictures!

Yesterday we started getting prepared to the new season. Since the night we’ve been talking to Americans and now we are planning our future route while there is a thunder outside. Probably this year it will be Rumania, Slovakia with its sad- popular Bratislava, Austria and Germany. What is more, we’ve decided that we will definitely go to Sozopol. There is a special deal for those who will go to Burgas with us. There will be a great festival on the beach which is called SPIRIT OF BURGAS. Look and and you will be surprised. Bulgaria is at the driver’s seat. http://spiritofburgas.com.

Video is here

Besides girls, there are also partners who want to see us in Budapest, Hungary, Croatia. If we go to Croatia most likely, we will go through dangerous regions (I mean Kosovo and Albania). It is not what I desire, but I should visit Croatia for business, I hope, it will be possible to save both time and forces, without doing hooks to go there, but I do not especially burn with the desire and I think a theme won’t be successful. In total, we have remains less then a week in Bulgaria, this time we will try to solve the basic questions, so that it is possible to tell – the rest days will be more than sated.
Inter-season period passes successfully, there is good news both from Americans and from Petersburg office, the special greetings from Ukraine , some of ours win Crimea, and recently even from India some good news has come , but these is separate news, about it already then. In a word, I am glad what is happenings now, the new season to which remains a month, will be very difficult, all of us anticipate it with impatience. Everyone builds the assumptions, but we converge in one, the Firebird is almost in our hands. I’m in touch with you. I undertake to write about what I have done sometimes and soon.

A great thanks to everyone who took pictures. Keep in touch.

Dmitry «Marquize Diabol» Myachin

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