Music, merchandise, concerts and more. New way to discover and download music content for free. The only way to communicate, support your favorite artists in different parts of the world. Creating together with the artists new albums, videos, tours and etc… How is it possiblе? Is it a new way to be involved, not staying aside!? So is it really possible to write your own music history!? Can you imagine how it is important for ussuall fans? And I can tell you, now it is possible with new service at DFMO.NET. So we have talked about it with the leader – programmer of DFMO.NET whose name is Dmitri Filimonov.

– There is the site of DFMO.NET. When I’m here, I can see the advertising, looking forward, I can see a great design – and now, I should understand what and where anything is situated. How much time will it take for making oneself familiar with it?

The site became enough informative, very simple and intuitively clear- it’s clear even for a grandmothers. On the main page you can find posters of future concerts, new magazines, merchandising and, of course, the latest releases. Everything looks elegant and compact, nothing superfluous.

– What is DFMO.NET and beta platform Music Experience Market? Is it a shop or not a shop? Where is the revolution?

The word “Market” is used here specially. MEM – is so-called interactive platform for music admires and fans. Undoubtedly, its main feature is not the free downloading of official albums – it’s plus, but not the main detail. The most important opportunity which gives our platform, that’s the possibility to be in touch with an artist, the possibility for supporting the favorite band non stop. We called it the broaden system of respects. You can send your favorite artist, that amount of money which will be spent on increasing group’s rating. That is the particular possibility for taking a special part in the life of your favorites without other communication details. Maybe you just have no time to type anything, but want to support anyway.

You can be the album’s sponsor and assist at the recording of the album. For example, you can give money to a band and write in options for what purpose you give money to them, it can be money for  drinking beer or for the record at studio or for making music video. It doesn’t matter how much money you give, even if it is just sms and you write “for music video” – you are automatically caught in the statistics of band supporters and participants.

If you are an active participant, a group can invite you for recording or for being at the rehearsal or at the making music video, or just invite you to drink beer together. That’s a very important subject especially for fans.

– Tell me about the system’s rating in details, which is brought in the site.

Yes, as I’ve mentioned earlier, the rating’s system is the second important site’s feature which is involved in the respect’s system. The meaning of it is that every time you download the release of the artist or buy a ticket to the concert or buy the merch, the rating of this artist grows and its releases automatically become higher in the list. Every week the list gets renewed and you can find the most popular releases there.

– What can I buy here?

You can buy or download music for free, tickets for the concert and merchandising from our groups.

– What formats are available for the site?

All of them.

– What are the other pluses of the site?

There is a search by tags here. Let it be, that putting the word NOT FOR JOE, you will find the list of group’s releases, merchandising and concerts in which it take place. There is a post- audition for any release. Besides that, you can find and download new mags here.

– How does your service let you to be introduced with the music novelty?

All new releases you can find in the left zone, each new release is downloaded in a week.

-That’s flash site, won’t it reflect anything on its popularity? In Russia HTML is reliable or that’s a stereotype and your look in the future passes ahead in reality?

Of course, our look in the future passes ahead in reality. And to say frankly, the popularity of the site doesn’t depend on the thing it was made. It was made for usability, utility and currency at the moment. I think that we have no problems with it, so there is no reason for worrying in success.

-What is the main site’s audience?

First of all, they are: young people, because they give themselves up and they are just good listeners. And of course, colleagues – musicians.

Interview for the Japanese magazine “Tune”

Translation: Yulia Gavrilova and Alexei «Varlok» Vlasov

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