REMIND ME TO SHOOT YOU along with BI-2 rocked the stadium. For Novosibirsk, like any provincial town, any good concert let alone suchlike open-air, is always a big feast that gathers bokoo people.

The name of the game is that the rock candy high-day has done the trick! There was a holiday mood, everybody was waiting for music.

Press coverage of the festival was not large and that went to heart.

For example huge posters were hanging on every street corner before the Baltika Breweries Festival. But festival, whose main trend was to reward people for their social activities turned out to be unworthy of such publicity. Or perhaps someone has feathered his nest, anyhow that’s silly cause the price of the posters is really low.

Needless to say that all the federal media was engaged, but they wrote about the event just in a few words.

Also I’d like to hand it to the policemen cause they played with a full deck. And I’m not kidding! All of them were polite and attentive like 30 years ago.

Twice a few drunk people were taken out by the security police officers. That’s all. Everybody did the polite. I’d like to believe that these manifestations will become a behavior trend for the cultural events. And I haven’t noted any lunchie people. That’s cool.

This was just a proem, and now, let’s go to the meat-and-potatoes event of that night, to the very performance. At 8 p. m REMIND ME TO SHOOT YOU appeared on the stage… The guys started with You Know Me. I was standing right in front of the stage looking at Yan Nikolenko (B2 keyboard player) who was watching with a great relish the performance of the Siberian rockers. During the next track Can’t get enough the musician asked about the band name. Of course, that’s very flattering. And it was triple cool, that the musician from B2 was turned onto RMTSY, keeping in the hopper the fact of West-oriented musical style of the band.

The young Novosibirsk rock stars were rocking the stage, causing delight with their complete calmness.

It seems that the guys are ready to act anywhere and along with anyone.
They perform in a tiny Dozhd Club in Private Party for a couple of hundred people and at the largest autumn Outdoor Festival in the presence of more than 10 thousand spectators with equal ease.

Their self-confidence bribes and makes tick. REMIND ME TO SHOOT you is a stadium band that can unpimp a huge venue. Despite it wasn’t their best sounding, they did their best.
And I was rather upset that the guys didn’t play Soul. I think it’s that very song that can make stadiums cry. And it is much better for finishing the show than Decide.

All the rest was like always: high quality, cool, romantic, scrumptious.

There’s a whole set list:
1. You know me
2. Can’t get enough
3. Colors
4. Live my life
5. Decide

After the set REMIND ME TO SHOOT you touched base with the rockers from B2. They queried about their creative plans and our Siberian weather. I’ll give you a rain check on that.

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