The new year began! DF MUSIC ORGANIZATION GROUP wishes itself, its staff and all our friends, partners and all those who are with us, who supported and helped us whole this year Happy holidays! Special thanks to those who helped us in our difficult journeys across the globe. Without popular support in such a business as music, our life would be much more difficult! In late January we will publish vacancies to be filled, so don’t miss the chance to work with us in a team, be our partners. We love you all!

So, summing up the past year, we can say boldly: it was the most exciting year in our lives. For me it was the happiest one, the most positive, most productive. It’s really the first time in my life when I was happy for 90% of the time during the year. Having found the balance in everything, I felt unreal power in any business we got down to, we’ve got not just streak of luck, but the hot one. Of course, there were some difficulties, as always, but as they say “no problem, there is a solution!” And these solutions were found thanks to our creativity and excellent team, and not just found, but done it on ours head. The cooler thing is that after all the crises, DF Music Organization Group still mustered fat, and in February 2011 all the team is going back to the U.S., to open an office in Hollywood and explore the U.S. market. In parallel, we are going to open an office in Mumbai, India, we’ll develop the Ukrainian and Balkan offices. This process is lengthy, we have already been working for six months on the documents … In general, the new year can become even more interesting for us.

So, coming back to what has been done during the year, I’d like to note the following events, to summarize, to make a total digest of 2010, so it will be much easier for you to imagine what awaits for us in the coming year and to assess your prospects in a potential partnership with us.


– DF office business trips
the U.S., Canada, France, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany

– Las year we brought more than 7000 business cards … These are people whom we met with during all these trips.

During the visits a preliminary agreement with U.S. and European TV channels is reached, the orders are received, the foundation of new businesses is laid, the first two representatives of the DF Music Organization begin their work in the U.S.

– DF Music Organization creative moves to the state level. The INDONESIA band gives a concert at the historic bastion of the Peter-and-Paul Fortress by the accomponiment of orchestra and a theater show, the event is broadcasted live on 5th Channel.

– We have launched a new music service DFMO.NET

– ONYX get connected with our office by themselves and come to St.-Petersburg specially to talk, on our American partners advice.

– Expanding its activities, DF Music Organization is gaining positions in cinematic exhibition.
Now, many film companies, including even Bondarchuk’s one, have the antecedents and the brand CD with the DF artists.

– October 1, Limp Bizkit wishes Happy Birthday to DF MUSIC ORGANIZATION GROUP Holding Producer.

LB performance by itself was off the charts. It was perhaps their best concert that I saw, and I saw enough. I don’t want to belittle the value of the rest of the band, but Fred Durst has a special value – he is a man with incredible charisma, good, hearted and intelligent in life, but he is absolutely crazy, in a good way, on the stage. This evening Fred clearly posed the problem to confess his love to everyone, to make contact with anyone in person!

– Our primary goal is to do something qualitatively new, otherwise we are not interested.
Our Novosibirsk band, Remind Me To Shoot You, absolutely sympathize with the label, and after a number of promo actions plays shows at the stadium and the roof of a 26-storey building

– Ski resort “Red Lake”
Record Performance in -20 temperature.
It was a real OPEN AIR at -20 in a blizzard on the mountain. The scene was on the open air, and when the time to act came, a blizzard blew great guns. Snowflakes fell in the pilots and the stage was drifted with snow.

– April 7, was launched on our blog, since then its readers are hundreds of entertainment industry professionals, and the main thing, of mass media.
By the end of the year the blog info is published in various editions. By early 2011 there are over 15,000 registered users for a blog newsletter, among them there are also artists and old subscribers to DFMO.NET the magazine.

– Television, radio and printed press actively gives coverage to our activities and our artists regularly appear in various publications.

– DF Music Organization established in the game market, finishing soundtracks for many games, among which it’s worth to mention “wheel-drive trophy: Murmansk – Vladivostok” and ANARCHY: RUSH HOUR

– Our band, HARD CANDY, wins the STAR VKONTAKTE contest in the nomination “Best Rock Group”

– 30 Seconds To Mars choose our band as their support act

– Unforgettable Halloween 2010 by DF in a medieval castle

– This year we’ve celebrated 6 years anniversary. We celebrated the birthday closing of the snazzy open-air club project “Air “

– In honor of the 6th anniversary reporting compilation Rock Assault was released, which has been downloaded more than 24000 times

– Stylist of DF Music Organization Katya Romanovskaya, in addition to working with our artists, began to work with world-class stars

– We have launches of the new video by Miami scissors, Elli Noise, Mushmellow and also shoot a film about the DF and work on the new video projects, actively organize surveys and castings

– We open a new clothing store F@KIN SHOP

So, what also awaits us:

In late 2010 we finished the design of our new labels. Now, in the DF MUSIC ORGANIZATION GROUP there are Hip-Hop/RnB Label Black Brilliant Records, Electronic Green Mandarin labels, including an impressive catalog of dance music, experimental, synthpop, electronic, new rave, etc … A big announcement and presentation of it is waiting for us in early 2011 … Just subscribe to the blog and get news in time to your e-mail…

Significant changes are waiting for the very blog, too. It will be a full-fledged entertainment online magazine. We have prepared a new design and now we are looking for a programmer, you can send your application with a CV if you are a programmer or a reporter: E-mail: dfmo.sales @ gmail.com

In 2011 a movie based on real events, “ALL STARZ ROCK SHOW: How to play music and be left with nothing” is waiting for you.
Music by DF Music Organization, DFAD
Produced by Marquize Diabol, Vlad Beat

New videos by Indonesia, Anima Scream, Silence Dead, etc.
By the way, the group Anima Scream will give very soon a joint concert with the legend Meshuggah.

In early 2011, you will learn in colorful detail about the two major soundtracks in millions of copies, which are already finished. They will come to light as well in early 2011.

Since February we are launching a new club project in the historic heart of St.-Petersburg, which you also will find out about soon, the main theme of the musical accompaniment of the evening events will be the live-act of the Russian bands playing in the spirit of Massive Attack, Hurts, Jamiroquai, Maroon 5 as well as Jazz, Acid Jazz. We have not decided yet about the night topic, so we ask to the promoters, bands to send us your suggestions and to recommend us some new musicians for the project: E-mail: dfmo.sales@gmail.com

Our book department plans to release several new digital books, to start a book, magazine, newspaper digital distribution and begins searching for the new names. Send your projects to our e-mail, please: dfmo.sales@gmail.com

Also, we are testing ourselves in a familiar industry and are planning to start development of computer games. We believe, 2011 will be even more spectacular year, the year that will change global world processes for the better. Maybe we are wrong, but we’ll do everything in order to implement our plans.

Dmitry “Marquize Diabol” Myachin

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