INDONESIA attracts more and more attention from audience, especially from Indonesian people. And the most frequent question is – what are the reasons for giving such name for band? One of the band members recently has given the answer to solve this.

Hello friends!
My name is Santa. I’m bass player of “INDONESIA”.
We’ve chosen INDONESIA name with no political or social reasons. I’m with Demian (guitarist) looked through a hundred names, but there was no one good. We searched for easy to memory name. Also we wanted to have name with “indie” root. Finally, Demian looked at his guitar’s bottom deck and has read: “Made in Indonesia”. “Yeah!” – he said. – “That’s what we looking for! INDONESIA!”
Our music is not connected with one definite style. It envelop much more. It sounds as a “freedom in music”. Our music include all genres. There is progressive and grunge, metal and pop, jazz and disco …etc. But for all that we have our own “indonesian” style. Our multistyles appears at EP “Pretty Colours” in lesser degree than at our second album which we’re recording right now, but it is it. When we were discussing the “INDONESIA” name our thoughts were: “Indonesia… This country located at thousands islands. And every island with it’s own citizens, ideology, customs …etc. Seems like many-sided country. Many-sided music…” Something around this thoughts.

Roman Pitehov

  1. This is awesome guys…!!! Keep Rock Out…!!!-Indonesian-

    • holyver
    • August 16th, 2011

    go indonesia!!!!

  2. awesome guys ! i’m a Indonesian

    • John Smith
    • February 16th, 2012

    that’s true. Even there are so many local languages here to learn if you’d like to do so, at least more than 10. I got 3.. – And by the way, what if the band sing in indonesian? They should create one. 😀

  3. Cool 😀 I’m Made In Indonesia Too 😀

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