June 2011
Reactable @ Sonar

June can be summed up in two words: Android and Sonar. Those two alone kept us busy for the better part of the month.

In May’s newsletter we announced our line up for Sonar and we couldn’t be more happier with the results, we have prepared a clip so you can get a taste of what went down.

Sonar Weekend

We kicked off with the Music Hack Day, an event within the Sonar, were music developers, programmers and artists compete to improve the world of Music Apps and Software in 24 hours. The developers were able to program for the Reactable Live! hardware, the prize sponsored by Reactable Systems, a Samsung Galaxy Tab with Reactable Mobile went to Cyrill (developer) and Ezra (artist) from Barcelona.

The Reactable Showcase stood under the light of the Android launch. Carles Lopez gave an amazing performance that included the Reactable mobile for Android and the Reactable Live!

The launch of the Android version of the Reactable mobile was a huge success, and we like to thank everyone who jumped on the bandwagon for the crazy ride. We got great feedback from the users and will constantly improve the software. We believe we have established one of the most advanced music applications for the Android platform up to this date.

After the show we raced to an off sonar site to see the one and only Oliver Huntemann perform at a Sci Tec event with the Reactable Live!, the setting was ideal in a historic gallery in downtown Barcelona, the end result was an electrifying performance.

But the day was not over, Carles Lopez hit the stage again, this time at the Zentraus Club where he played along with Josue Turnez to debut their collaboration, which was a big hit.

Björk Biophilia

We also have to mention that Björk started her Biophilia tour with her first concert in Manchester, featuring several astonishing instruments and among them the Reactable Live!

[Björk onstage in Manchester, UK 6/23/2011; Photo by Carsten Windhorst]

…in July

Carles Lopez with Reactable Live! @ Mellow festival

RGS at the Visual Brasil Festival

AME Festival

interAct Festival

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